New! Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators

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The Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators should be the first stop for anyone who wants to know more about the Indicators and how to qualitatively assess them.

If you want to quickly identify what could make a street healthier, then you can just run through the prompt questions and you should find ideas for what changes are needed.

And if you’re embarking on a new project, this guide should help you to consider the diversity of human needs that must be met for a street to be successful.

An important aspect of this guide is that it considers the many different ways that the human experience of using a street can be improved. It does not just focus on the engineering and layout but also the policing, cleaning, maintenance, community and business engagement.

For some inspiration as to what can be done to improve a Healthy Streets Indicator there are examples from a range of different kinds of streets in London. But the Healthy Streets Approach applies to all kinds of streets in all kinds of towns and cities around the world so wherever you are, you should find this Guide useful.