Healthy Streets Tools

Tools for implementing the Healthy Streets Approach have been developed with Transport for London

Healthy Streets Explained

Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators

My summary of the Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators

Healthy Streets Check for Designers

My summary of the Healthy Streets Check for Designers

Small Change, Big Impact

Healthy Streets Surveys

London Policy

The London Plan

In November 2017 the 25 year spatial development strategy for Greater London was published for consultation. It contains important policies on Healthy Streets™ and makes it a requirement that those involved in planning and development must ‘Use the Healthy Streets Approach to prioritise health in all planning decisions’.

Draft London Plan

My summary of the draft London Plan

Mayor’s Transport Strategy

In March 2018 the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published his 25 year transport strategy for public consultation. The Healthy Streets Approachis the overarching framework for delivering this ambitious plan.

Mayor’s Transport Strategy

My summary of the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy

Delivering improvements in the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators across all London’s streets ‘will radically transform the day-to-day experience of living in London, helping fulfill this strategy’s overall aim of creating a better city for more people to live and work in’.

Healthy Streets for London

Healthy Streets is central to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s vision for the city. In A City for All Londoners he said

Transport is one of the most significant and effective ways that I can improve the environment and the heath and quality of life of all Londoners… my vision to create ‘Healthy Streets’ – which aims to reduce traffic, pollution and noise, create more attractive, accessible and people-friendly streets where everybody can enjoy spending time and being physically active, and ultimately to improve people’s health.

In February 2017 Transport for London (TfL) published their plan for embedding the Healthy Streets Approach

Healthy Streets for London: Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport to create a healthy city

My summary of Healthy Streets for London

This plan includes £2.1bn spending on a Healthy Streets portfolio which will be assessed using the 10 Indicators of a Healthy Street.

TfL Health Action Plan

Healthy Streets was first adopted into policy at TfL in their 2014 health action plan

Improving the Health of Londoners: transport action plan

This 3-year action plan was delivered 2014-2017. Each year TfL produced a progress report on delivery.

Year 1 progress report

Year 2 progress report

Year 3 progress report

My summary of the TfL health action plan

National Policy

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Active Design: Planning for health and wellbeing through sport and physical activity (2015) Sport England & Public Health England p.37

Policy features

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