On August 4th Radio New Zealand interviewed Lucy, this 25 minute interview can be listened to here.

On July 30th the Manuwatu Standard featured Lucy in an article on her keynote at the 2Walk and Cycle conference.

On July 25th the New Zealand Herald interviewed Lucy ahead of her visit to New Zealand with an article.

In May 2018 Lucy Saunders blog post ‘We need to talk about Healthy Streets’ was published by the Health Foundation.

The 2018 Spring Terrier – the industry pubication for the Estates Surveyors and Property Managers – featured an article by Lucy Saunders (p.22) setting out the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators and the importance of estate and property management in delivering these Indicators.

The October 5th 2017 Local Transport Today featured an article on the Healthy Streets Conference with quotes from the Keynote Speech by Lucy Saunders on the link between Healthy Streets and wellbeing.

On July 20th 2017 Local Transport Today published a summary of the public health case for Healthy Streets in the UK by Lucy Saunders.

The Spring 2017 edition of the UK Faculty of Public Health magazine Public Health Today focused on childhood obesity with an article by Lucy on the role of streets in children’s physical activity.

The Spring 2017 edition of  Urban Design Group Journal focused on health and urban design with an article by Lucy on Healthy Streets.

In April 2017, in anticipation of the forthcoming London Mayor’s Transport Strategy Nick Sanderson discusses the opportunities and challenges of implementing the Healthy Streets Approach in his Environment Journal blog.

In March 2017 Lucy posted a guest blog for the Urban Transport Group on the value of embedding health considerations into city transport planning.

For International Women’s Day Lucy featured amongst esteemed company in the Environment Journal 5 inspiring women working to change the way we travel.

In November 2016 the London Cyclist magazine featured Who wouldn’t want a healthier street?

In November 2016 Living Street and London Cycle Campaign produced a joint blog in support of the Healthy Streets Approach – Healthy Streets are walking and cycling streets 

In August 2016 Local Transport Today featured an article on Healthy Streets.

In November 2015 the Academy of Urbanism dedicated their monthly journal to the link between health and urbanism including an article on ‘walkability‘ of cities and health focuses on a project commissioned by Lucy to map the walkability of London to identify how to improve population health.

In May 2015 Lucy was interviewed by Guardian Cities for an article Do 20mph speed limits actually work?

In May 2014 Local Transport Today Walking Back to Happiness by John Dales focussed on Lucy’s work producing the Transport for London Health Action Plan.

In March 2014 Future of London included a spotlight on the Importance of transport to public health in their anthology of transport challenges and opportunities, London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and Evolution.