Every decision we make about our built environment, however small, is an opportunity to deliver better places for people to live in and thereby improve their health.

Whatever situation you are in there is an opportunity to bring in and apply the Healthy Streets Approach.

Healthy Streets is a limited company lead by Director, Lucy Saunders.

We support the wide range of people and organisations who can make a difference in shaping towns and cities everywhere. These include local and national government policy makers, developers, architects and urban planners, transport planners and engineers, campaigning and advocacy organization, business improvement district and politicians.

We offer a range of services to help you to do this including:

Healthy Streets delivered a multi-day package of public talks, media engagements, meetings with key agencies and a training programme for a mixed group of transport policy makers, planners, economists, engineers and health professionals. The training programme gave us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the breadth of the Healthy Streets Approach and the skills needed to apply a new approach to city planning. We were especially impressed by Lucy’s appropriate use of international case studies throughout the programme and the new insights to street design that were highlighted during our Street Audit exercise. We referred extensively to the Healthy Streets Approach in the development of our long-term national transport masterplan and the concept of the Healthy Streets Indicators has inspired new conversations in the media and with our citizens.

Singapore Land Transport Authority