Lucy Saunders portraitLucy Saunders is a unique combination of public health specialist, urbanist and transport planner. She created the Healthy Streets Approach, an evidence based-framework for decision making at every level to embed public health in city transport, public realm and planning. Building on her success in London she now shares her expertise with cities and regions globally.

Her highly influential work put health at the heart of city policy in London. Healthy Streets is the framework of the Mayor’s 25 year Transport Strategy, a pillar of the London Plan (spatial plan) and part of all the Mayor’s statutory strategies.

She developed bespoke Healthy Streets tools to enable practitioners to apply the Healthy Streets Approach in horizon scanning, case making, design, implementation and evaluation. She has trained over 500 practitioners in the UK and overseas.

She advises the World Health Organisation, UK government Departments for Transport and Health, Faculty of Public Health and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. She has worked across a wide range of organisations from local to international level including NHS, government, academic, private and voluntary sector.

She gained Fellowship of the UK Faculty of Public Health in 2012 on completion of the UK specialist medical training programme in Public Health. She has masters degrees in geography and public health.

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Lucy regularly publishes in peer-reviewed academic journals. Her academic publications include:

Corran, P., Steinbach, R., Saunders, L. & Green, J. (2018) Age, disability and everyday mobility in London: an analysis of the correlates of ‘non-travel’ in travel diary data. Journal of Transport and Health

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Ogilvie, F., Klowdawski, E., Fitzpatrick, J. & Saunders, L. (2014). Active Travel’s Contribution to physical activity levels in London: Analysis of data from the Active People’s Survey 2011/12. PHE Annual Conference, Poster.

Saunders, L., Green, J., Petticrew, M., Steinbach, R. and Roberts, H. (2013) What are the health benefits of active travel? A systematic review of trials and cohort studies. PLOS ONE, 8(8).